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Introductions and conclusions are important components of any essay. They work to book-end the argument made in the body paragraphs by first explaining.

In addition to all the features of standard Proofreading, we check to ensure that you have expressed your thoughts and ideas in an understandable and easy-to-follow manner. This includes making sure that your use of terminology and word choice is correct and consistent, that there is a natural and logical flow to your writing, and that you are following academic conventions and guidelines.

All reviews are shown using 'track changes', allowing you to maintain complete control of your text. All reviews are shown using 'track changes', without changing meaning or altering ideas, allowing you to maintain complete control of your text. Your dissertation is the culmination of many months of work, intended to demonstrate a clear and deeper understanding of your subject. The grade you receive contributes to your degree and ultimately to your future.

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Dissertation Matching: Your manuscript is assigned to a subject specialist editor. Dissertation Proofreading, Editing and Formatting: Your editor focusses on the key aspects of your chosen service, without changing meaning or altering content, track changing all suggestions. Quality Check: Once your dissertation has been proofread, a senior editor performs a final check before returning your manuscript.

Review: Upon receipt of your dissertation, you review the track changes and get back in touch with your editor should there be anything you are unsure of. A stylistic edit addresses all the small details of English style that can make a big difference. Your academic supervisors and second markers expect you to present your work in a manner that allows them to understand your thoughts and arguments clearly on a first reading. Perfect the style and formatting of your peer-reviewable research, academic books and exam papers.

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Many are active academics and all are native English speakers. Our senior editors have more than 20 years of experience in proofreading and editing academic prose. We have specialists in nearly every academic discipline — this range of expertise makes us the perfect solution for your Proofreading needs.

This supports our reputation, built over many years, for providing high-quality academic proofreading and editing services whilst maintaining academic integrity. When you request your free sample, please allow a day or two for editing and delivery. As proofreading — unlike scientific editing — does not include contentual feedback with respect to the central theme, conclusions, logical reasoning, coherence and consistency , as about half of all revisions in scientific editing concern the style of writing and as the difference in cost between proofreading and scientific editing only comprises 50 cent per norm page, 95 percent of all students and doctoral candidates opt for the scientific editing instead of mere proofreading.

For international students non-native speakers of German chosing mere proofreading does, therefore, not make any sense! By our plagiarism detection plagiarism check , plagiarism assessment, plagiarism scan or plagiarism test we reduce the risk of forgetting or overseeing unmarked sources. The resulting plagiarism report gives you an overview of the detected potentially plagiarized parts of your text verbatim plagiarism , linking them directly to the corresponding source. During the elaboration process of their works, many students and doctoral candidates forget to indicate their sources.

Nevertheless, an external examiner referee cannot discriminate whether the sources have just been forgotten or left out intentionally. Also pieces of rewritten texts mosaic plagiarism can be recognized by plagiarism software and linked to the original documents! Many students and doctoral candidates, however, are not aware of this fact. So our plagiarism assessment provides additional peace of mind.

Almost all students order a plagiarism check in addition to the scientific editing or formatting service.

Thus, we offer a discount of 50 percent on the plagiarism check if it is ordered in conjunction with scientific editing or formatting. Our service for scientific f ormatting of a thesis takes off a great load from you by not having to format your final paper or thesis according to the guidelines of your university or the respective journal style. We create, e. Our graphic designer can optionally also create professional illustrations, graphics, figures, graphs, diagrams or else a PowerPoint presentation for your PhD thesis defense.

Besides, almost all students and doctoral candidates also book a plagiarism check together with the formatting service. In this combination, the former will even be subject to a 50 percent discount! English , solely these language barriers can consume the major part of your time. Our translators and editors who are all native speakers will get your work into shape and help you to meet the language requirements of your university.

We also translate your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, graphics or diagrams. Our text rewriting service or paraphrasing service for rewriting or rephrasing text in German, English, French, Spanish is used by students and doctoral candidates if the language quality of their final papers or theses is too poor for the scientific editing service. If necessary, your final paper or thesis is rephrased sentence by sentence, regardless of whether it is in German, English, French or Spanish.

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When your paper is done, you will get a notification. You will be able to download the clean copy from your personal account on our website or your email. There is something that makes our service stand out from the rest. We are the only academic help company that offers free grammar check to students.

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Since we work with real human experts, a regular spell grammar check is paid. However, there are two ways to have your paper corrected by an expert at a zero price. Let us describe them to you. The first and the easiest way is to order a custom paper from us.


Besides proofreading and editing, we offer all types of writing services. After they are finished with your piece, we will do a full spelling and grammar check on it. You will be guaranteed to get a flawless paper that will boost your grade. Another way to hire a grammar checker for free is to collect bonus money.

When you become our customer, you will get a bonus account. The account will get replenished every time you make an order on our website. This way, we show appreciation to our loyal clients giving them an opportunity to spend their bonuses on any of our services.

So the more orders you make, the less you have to pay!

If you are planning to do a grammar check online, you might be concerned about the safety of using online services. What if your unique text gets stolen?

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What if they ask you to enter your personal details? How to make sure that no one finds out you used a grammar checker?

With our service, you can be sure about the security of your data. We communicate with our customers on a no-name basis. We never ask them for personal information. Your contact and order details will be protected by the highest security standards. You will never be accused of plagiarism after submitting a paper you received from us. Want to try out our grammar checking service? Fill out a short order form or reach out to our Support right now!

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We deal with academic writing, creative writing, and non-word assignments. Client reviews. Papers that meet your requirements.

High-quality, well-structured writing. As a source for topic ideas and references As a guideline for doing your own reserch For referencing in your own papers As a samle of appropriate APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago referencing To get inspiration to write your own paper faster and more effectively. How to use a paper you get from Master Paper? Rely on MasterPapers if:. Best Grammar Checker to Turn Any Paper into a Masterpiece So you have finished your academic paper, and of course, you want to get a higher grade for it.

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