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Introductions and conclusions are important components of any essay. They work to book-end the argument made in the body paragraphs by first explaining.

There are also some wealthy people, who wittingly decide to not reproduce or have children in fear of losing their riches to their heirs.

Of marriage and single life by Sir Francis Bacon

To them, procreation will lead to more number of claimants to their wealth and property. They refuse to see the need and benefits of a family and leaving a legacy beyond their material possessions. They are influenced by the fears of losing their wealth in the upkeep of a large family. Their greed clouds their better judgment and they are swayed by such notions of not having a progeny. Bacon then points out people who stay single because they believe that marriage only leads to more fetters, restrictions, responsibilities and obligations.

They have strange convictions that single life can protect them from ever having such burden of obligations, duties and stresses that bother married people.

Critical Commentry on Bacon’s Essay ‘Of Marriage And Single Life’

They are consumed by a self-created illusion of a blissful and fulfilling single life that does not suffer from the bondage and shackles of marriage. They are forever on the run from the prison of marital responsibilities and commitments. Therefore, unmarried men are always a flight risk, prone to just run away and desertion. They are often good employees, better friends, as they have ample time for their employees and friends. Their ambitions, desires and jobs are their only considerations.

However, it is their volatile existence without any anchors of the family that make them unreliable. They float without any roots to ground them. Bacon then described the need for men of justice like judges and magistrates to espouse the qualities of honesty, reasoning and fairness. While an unrestrained and unanchored bachelor can be unpredictable, reckless and discretionary in his thought and judgment, a married man is more suited for the responsibility of a judge. He has the necessary understanding and regard for commitment and responsibility as he has a wife and family to keep secure.

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He is more likely to be careful and patient with his decision and less vulnerable to making rash judgments and errors in this thinking. The married soldiers are committed to ensuring security if their wives and children. The lofty ideals of virtues and chivalry, patriotism and duty are praised and encouraged when soldiers take to the battlefield.

Bacon observes that in the army of Turks, it is the unmarried soldiers who are prone to debase, perverse and the vilest behaviour when it comes to conducting with the defeated opposition army and prisoners of war.

Of Marriage and Single Life Summary and Analysis:

Thus, in a way having a wife and children are necessary restraints on the animalistic and baser side of men and humanity. It curtails the Freudian basic and animal instincts and desires. Marriage has a way of establishing a loving home. Single men may be richer and more capable of making massive charitable donations but they clack the empathetic and sensitive side that comes from genuine companionship. Bachelors lack these terms of engagement and often consumed by moral corruption, vulgar thoughts and cruel intentions.

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They lack the need and ability to evaluate the moral significance and correctness of their thoughts and action. Men with ethics and morals are good husbands. They are not tempted by the pleasures of infidelity and remain honest and loyal to their wives and marriage. Here, Bacon gives the example of Ulysses who valued his wife more than an immortal life. In the same vein, the woman also courts and regarding chastity.

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They preserve it as their sense of purity. They have greater self-respect and value their body as sacred and not just means of carnal pleasures of the flesh. Therefore, a woman of chastity is proud of her worth and the worth of his loyal husband. Their relationship is strong, durable and enriched with mutual respect. The vice of jealousy can weaken this bond as the wife will not feel the trust of her husband if he is envious and susceptible to doubt and suspicion.

When he is young and passionate, she becomes his lover.

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She pleasures him sensually and her love and devotion make him feel more virile and strong. In his middle age, she is his companion in weal and woe, good or bad and triumph or disaster. Because , the persons who are married and have children should have greatest care of future times. Reasons for not getting married: These are various reasons for which some people remain unmarried. Some of these are as under. Since they do not want to spend any money, they prefer to be unmarried,. Qualities of Unmarried Persons: Unmarried men are best friends, best masters and best servants.

If he has a family, he will not save any money or affection to offer to others. It does not matter if judges and magistrates do not marry. If they are corrupt they will receive bribes through agents which are much worse than wives. They fight much better if just before the battle they are reminded by their commanders of their families waiting for them back at home.

Turkish soldiers are so vulgar and base.

British Literature

An unmarried man may give more charity because he can easily spare the money for the purpose. But otherwise he is likely to be more cruel and hard hearted than a married man. Wives and Husbands: Women who are faithful to their husbands are often proud of their chastity. If a wife thinks her husband to be wise he will command her loyalty as well as obedience.

A wife does not respect a jealous husband : " For a Youngman a wife is a mistress. For a middle-aged man she is a companion. For an old man, she serves as a nurse. This means that a man may marry at any age. Bacon was a scholar, a man of sound commonsense and great practical wisdom. H was a scientist by temperament, a judge by profession, a great Parliamentarian with a shrewd and observant eye. Bacon exploits all his attributes to the maximum to achieve his purpose.

He has very keen insight into human character id affairs.

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  • He has the rare talent of discussing everything from various angles and cents of view. He expresses his ideas and observations effectively and forcefully. His arguments are logical and convincing — most of them are drab from everyday life.