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Introductions and conclusions are important components of any essay. They work to book-end the argument made in the body paragraphs by first explaining.

Palwasha Kakar, an Afghan American who works as senior program officer for religion and inclusive societies at the US Institute of Peace has spent the past decade researching why women make the most effective negotiators in conflict zones. An elderly religious scholar, Halima was known for negotiating with the Taliban to resolve family disputes. One day she was approached by a family whose daughter had eloped with her lover, a crime punishable by death under the Taliban. The family told Halima that the couple had been taken by Taliban officials and were expected to be killed soon.

Halima walked to a Taliban checkpoint to intervene on behalf of the family. At the camp, Halima quoted Quranic verses, invoking concepts of forgiveness and family. She pleaded until Taliban leaders allowed her to spend the night with the kidnapped girl, and the next morning, they let her take the girl home to her family. Women were also often able to find room to talk with the Taliban by navigating the Pashtunwali code — or Pashtun way of life — common in parts of Afghanistan.

While the present-day rank and file of the Taliban may not be aware of this specific tradition, Kakar said, it still had echoes in their dealings with women. These women, Kakar argued, deserve a seat at the table alongside the politicians, their advisers, and military negotiators. This July, a handful of Afghan politicians and civil society representatives, including six women, traveled from Kabul to Doha for a conference with Taliban officials.

Once again, the meeting was set to take place as part of the so-called intra-Afghan talks — separate from the ones the US was carrying out with the Taliban.

Luckily, the flight was delayed for an hour. Facing off with the Taliban was no small thing. There were no arguments; rather, everyone had five to seven minutes each to say their piece. They took pictures with us. I was teasing them.

Women in Afghanistan

Kakar, who monitored the talks closely from Washington, said this intra-Afghan meeting was evidence of how women could find room to negotiate, even when the Taliban were not particularly forthcoming. But Kakar learned that a week after the talks, the Taliban sent shabnameh — or night letters — across northern Afghanistan asking soldiers to de-escalate violence and refrain from attacking women and children. Central to the legacy of the US war in Afghanistan is the billions of dollars it has poured into building schools and hospitals, alongside core government functions, from policing to courts.

These programs — which have often benefited from US aid — have frequently been criticized for their inefficiency, but they are the core of what the US will leave behind when it eventually leaves Afghanistan. The Trump administration has made clear that foreign aid is not a priority, and while the US has not yet withdrawn a significant amount of aid to Afghanistan, many organizations are already facing a tightening of funds as donors flock to other conflict zones.

And they have said they were told by State Department officials that the US is expected to significantly curtail funding by The money sometimes flows directly from the US government to the Afghan government, sometimes through NGOs or contractors, and sometimes through multinational bodies like the World Bank. Maintaining aid to women and children should be a top priority, she said. Parwaneh was stuck at home with her increasingly conservative father and surrounded by relatives who had no interest in her reading, watching TV, or any of the other million things a young woman like her might want to do.

Life became unbearable. She felt like the walls were closing in. Parwaneh decided to escape.

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They were safe there for a while, but their father begged them to return to their family, saying he would rent Parwaneh an apartment and that she could continue her education after all. She decided to believe him. Parwaneh moved in with a relative and went back to high school.

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  6. Things seemed fine for a while. But one day, her uncle approached her and said her father had promised her to a much older man who was in search of a second wife.

    A Thousand Splendid Suns

    Parwaneh refused immediately. In retrospect, she credits the fact that she had gone to school throughout her childhood for that realization. Every day, the brothers of the man to whom she had been promised would visit and try to persuade her to agree to the marriage. When she refused, she said, her uncle would beat her in front of them. She could barely eat, and the white lace collar of her tunic turned gray from her washing it every day.

    She had brought only the set of clothes she was wearing. They had a car with them and were prepared to take Parwaneh away at gunpoint. But Parwaneh had no intention of actually getting married. She used it to text the man she was supposed to marry to ask for permission to go shopping with her sister for an engagement dress. This time, the women at the shelter helped her and her sister get to Kabul. The existence of the shelter has given Parwaneh the ability to escape her family and do what she first came to Kabul to do — study, and one day to travel outside Afghanistan.

    Khwaga Ghani in Kabul contributed reporting to this story. Opening photograph by Kiana Hayeri. Contact Megha Rajagopalan at megha. Eight years have passed since that happened, but America and President Obama still want to continue this war. Next year they will send 30, soldiers to Afghanistan and Iraq. There are three reasons they should not send them to them: one for their safety, two to maintain their own business, and three, this will affect the critical period of the economy It is that. First, President Obama sends 30, soldiers to Afghanistan next year. My first time.

    Through modern history, Afghanistan is confused. Famine, drought, civil war, and Taleban governance had a great impact on the people of Afghanistan. This has had a very bad influence on all the people of Afghanistan, but I think that no one has a bad influence over women in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, not all West European countries regard it as negative, but it is also considered negative for men and women in Afghanistan.

    Trailblazing women of Kabul, Afghanistan – a photo essay | World news | The Guardian

    People need to read this sentence, "It is not essential to wear Buluka, but few women are eager to get rid of them" Germani I personally think that like women in Afghanistan, like women in Afghanistan, women in America and around the world are obedient and disappear to some extent. No, unlike the rules of the Taliban, no specific rules are stated, but it is hindered by social rules that women are still being understood. These undocumented rules tell us how to act, what to wear, what to go, and what to do.

    It is these rules that we are no longer equivalent to men, but to be treated as people, not women. Before the Taliban bought it in , Afghanistan was a very different female country. Between the s and the s, Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, was admired as Central Asia. However, subsequent tribal war, coupled with foreign invasions and Taliban domination, brought about a sharp decline in these numbers that were promising in the past. It seems almost impossible for a woman from Afghanistan to go to college for a while, and it seems almost impossible to imagine that there is a bright future before that, but suddenly they are not allowed to go out without male relatives Hmm.

    By the side. But this happened when the government did not rule it, but that threatened the people not to comply with the rules. Most unfortunately, the Taleban claims to work under the name of Allah God , everyone asks if everyone feels there is no way out of the problem. In Afghanistan, trauma of long-term conflict that has been going on for more than 20 years is still too fresh to discuss publicly about settlement.

    On the contrary, the organization in Afghanistan promulgated the term peacebuilding and has recently begun to raise awareness of this problem. Related issues addressing the widespread trauma of almost all people are still hindered by social taboos for victims of war.

    In places like Afghanistan, President Cardinal 's provocative action will exacerbate the Taliban' s endless rebellion and will give them a new institution to carry out their evil insider attacks. It is correct that President Trump 's unilateral ordinance took away Palestinians and transferred Jerusalem to Israel. Trump 's plight in Afghanistan reflects his predecessor Barack Obama' s predicament. As I reported earlier, President Obama 's election campaign pledged to win the war in Afghanistan, but by the end of his term the number of US forces there has been greatly reduced.

    'Dark future' for women's rights in Afghanistan

    At one time, with the advice of his military adviser, he reluctantly dispatched 30, soldiers to strengthen the security of the country. President Obama 's goal in Afghanistan is to set up security forces in Afghanistan so that the Afghan government can deal with their security problems.

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    But critics point out that Obama 's Afghanistan strategy is realistic but its implementation is very bad. The United States and Britain, Saudi Arabia and other countries support the Peshawar Seven rebels by training them and giving them weapons and money. The eight alliances are backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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    On December 24, the main position of the Soviet army in Afghanistan began. Under the reign of Leonid Brezhnev, General of the Soviet Union, the last withdrawal began on May 15, and in it was completed at the last Soviets on February Most of them come from the Pakistan side of the Afghan border region. After the collapse of the Taliban in Afghanistan at the end of , most Pakistan extremists, including today's TTP members, fled to Pakistan.

    After Pakistan's Tehrik-i-Taliban, headed by Baitullah Mehsud in , its members have officially set the goal of enacting rules on tribal areas of federal controlled tribes of Pakistan.